January 12th 2017

Dear Ones,

We great you with joy and compassion….it is a bit hard on your earth plane now..we know you stand in tremendous change. Fear, concern, and for some, even dread is present.

We caution you to hold your balanceBe present to love, compassion, hope and prayer.

Know that this polarity shift you are watching will shake out that which is no longer workable in your system of government.

We ask you to hold your counsel…meaning, do not indulgence or partake in the drama unfolding around you.

See that there will be a brilliant outcome..that change will come..that you will ride these waves and be well…

Our dear friend Dr Peebles has always reminded you to stand in the eye of the hurricane..if you get caught in the winds around the eye, you will just swirl. Thus, to be in the still center offers you a place of vision.

We ask you to have faith….focus on what is well….we ask you to have courage. To stand tall, holding your wisdom and patience.

And we ask you to pray for the highest outcome..vision wellness in your country….and know that many beings from our side are working with you in these times….

Remember your media fasts...remember to go outside..love your children, animals, mates, and friends…be bathed from the beauty and inner order of the nature on your planet…..

From this place of deep inner nurturance you can be like a tree..rooted and only swaying with the winds of change….

We are with you, dear ones..just call us forward..to be present with you in times of trial, to help your state of being, or to accomplish something on your earth plane….we are with you, have faith, and call for us….

Much love to you….

The Guides