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I have come away with tools that fit me exactly in how I can support my unique energy and create a sense of self worth that works for me. The changes I have experienced came away in layers throughout the course. I have created qualities of patience and trust with myself, a deepening softness towards myself. I have reignited a lot of the magic within my heart and I have reignited this in my relationship with my partner and into other friendships.

I feel like the wisdom I have received about my energy field, daily practices, how they work, grounding with them, exploring them has been in itself life changing for me.

I use these tools everyday and through doing this, I believe that this is a massive part of me being able to experience and know me, create a space in the world that is me, my space, a safe space. From here I have grown and expanded.

Helena Lee

Graphic Designer and Mother, Australia

Kristina is a real find.  I look forward to my phone sessions with her.  She has helped me in so many ways, from healing medical issues, to helping me with emotional and relationship issues.   The thing that means the most to me is how she supports and feeds my spiritual growth.  I have a much deeper faith and trust in powers greater than myself who are guiding, supporting and helping me every step of the way.  I’ve even taken a break from my own psychotherapy because the work we do so often helps me to understand more fully my psychological issues and to do something constructive about them.

Erica Burns

Therapist, North Carolina

I admit I was a bit skeptical when I went into my session with Kristina Rogers. I have often referred to “my guides” but only loosely and often with some embarrassment. Still I was curious if Kristina would be able to tell me more about them, for I could sense there was more than one. What really helped me in my work with clients was learning that sometimes the clients’ guides will speak to us. That explained a lot! And the many wise and loving things Kristina communicated from my guides to me during our session, not only brought tears to my eyes in the moment, but are continuing to inform and shape my daily life. I am very grateful for Kristina’s gifts and can’t thank her enough for bringing me solace and direction in my time of transition and doubt.

Veronica Monet

ACS, Relationship Coach and Empathy Expert

I have been a client of Kristina’s for many years, and have relied heavily on her treatments to help me maintain a high degree of compassion and balance in my work as an educator.  Being an effective teacher, adviser and mentor requires me to maintain tremendous clarity and health in order for me to best serve my students. My regular sessions with Kristina have enabled me to clear that which may be interfering with my ability to show up each day with a well-balanced mind, body and spirit, and have allowed me to heal on many levels.  She has been a great teacher, guide, healer and counselor in my life and my gratitude for all that she is and all that she does is truly immense.

Ellen Abell

Professor, Prescott, AZ

The time I spent in your class was worth far more than I can ever express.  The way you give of yourself and connect to Spirit is amazing!  I have been able to take what I learned from you (and others in the class) and apply it directly to my life.  I used some of your techniques and information to clear and protect myself at work and have noticed a remarkable difference.  Using what I learned in your class has allowed me to work with others in a way that has true meaning and impact.  Thank you!  You have truly blessed and changed my life!  With all love and blessings,

Kim Ewing

Retired Assistant Dean, Yavapai College, Prescott, AZ

I have engaged Kristina for several years through her healing services in acupuncture and reading energy that has impacted my life. Through her help, I was able to finally and successfully unblock some energy that was threatening my emotional and physical health. Although I had been a client of Kristina’s for several years, she was particularly helpful in allowing me to see an immediate pathway toward releasing the energy that was blocking my well-being. I am forever grateful for her help at that time. I continue to have annual “check-ups” with Kristina and it is so freeing and validating. I so appreciate her and the energy she brings to her work.

Nancy Van der Voort

Prescott, AZ