From the Guides:

Dear Beloveds,
We greet you with great love and joy…

As your days go on, many of you are working to keep an open heart.

As you watch on your news, actions that appear to be of lower vibration, you wonder how these will bring metamorphosis to your planet...we say keep your faith!

Change begets change, no matter what it looks like in the present moment….

We caution you to take care of yourselves...this is a time you can go into fear, anger, or even rage. To feel these emotions and let them go is fine, yet to live out of them is damaging.

Please do what is needed to keep bringing yourself into a state of balance and inner peace.

Notice how your body feels when you are traumatized.

Do what is needed to calm your body. Be aware of how much you can read, observe, or converse about disturbing issues, before arriving in a state of upset.

Take cautions to keep yourself from arriving at this place…

Spend days away from your electronic devices and the news… in nature, be creative, spend time with friends, meditate, and pray…

Learn how to be a steward to your inner well-being. Identify the best techniques to bring YOU into a state of loving kindness.

Remember your light and stable loving kindness are presently needed. 

What does it take to generate, nurture, and live your light?

To love yourself, the world, your life?

With this, we leave you…we are always here for you..just ask for our is our honor to serve you….

The Guides…

Lunar Eclipse This Friday, February 10th.

From Kristina:

Beloved Tribe,
Friday brings a powerful full moon with a lunar eclipse.

It is a day to take a moment out of time…

Take some time to generate your dreams, to make prayers for our world, and to stand for the well-being of all.

Here’s from my dear friend, astrologer Sondra Subotnick:

“This day is a very important day in your life. It is a day to have clarity and to remove judgmental thoughts. It is a day to make adjustments in your thinking so that all walks of life, all cultures, and all races have fairness and equality……It is a day to utilize your dreams into reality for the good of all.

If you can, take the day off and write, speak, or attend something that opens your heart and mind. I’m marking this day……. as an amazing day to reflect and take action in some positive way.”

And from Chani Nichols, about the Leo Full Moon eclipse:

“This eclipse is calling us to come forward with a bold belief in ourselves. Eclipses aretimes of endings and beginnings. Openings and closings. They often coincide with events that ripple through time, affecting our lives for years to come.

Leo knows how to use the vehicle of the persona to connect with the world. With heart.May we all learn about the power of our creativity. May we remember to make room for playfulness. May we use our personalities to pursue a just and safe world for all of creation…”

Read more from Sondra HERE
And more from Chani

Enjoy the magic!

Love and Blessings,