Dear Beloveds,

We bring you tidings of love and peace…

You now reside in your exhale..those days before you begin anew with a year of newness and hope.

For many, you make goals..or consider this a fresh start..

We ask you to consider yourselves first…

What are you longing for? What does your soul wish for? Inner peace? Quietness? Satisfaction? Self-love?

Please consider this realm of qualities.

Beyond the doing, the money, and the physical creation, which all bring a sense of completion and fulfill certain needs, there are the inner qualities.

It is from the interior being that indeed you truly bring about all in the physical realm…

Without the inner qualities, the inner well-being, the outer is empty.

So how would you wish to feel in this next year? And how can you create it for yourself? What practices or ways of being would you need to cultivate to insure this outcome?

Are there ways of behaving in the outer world, or ways you treat yourself, you would have to surrender to insure your desired feeling?

We want you to ask those of us on this side for help….and give gratitude for feeling this feeling..and when you feel it, bask in it….relish it…indeed this will help it grow…

You could consider living in this quality a noticing it and acknowledging it, you accentuate its presence….this is the world to live in….

Sending great love, dear ones…..

The Guides