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Channeled Sessions

I combine a variety of techniques in my channeled sessions. I work with your Spirit Guides, clear past lives, get messages from those who have passed over, and do energy work. The flow of your session arises from your needs and the Guides’ intentions with you.

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are non-physical beings that exist in a different dimension than our physical reality. They are present to help us fulfill our spiritual contracts in this lifetime. We have Guides who are with us throughout our whole lives and Guides that come for specific projects with us.


Who Are the Guides?

They can be highly ascended masters, such as Jesus, or they can be experts in certain areas. They often appear as male or female but they are actually just energy. They may have had physical lifetimes, and could possibly be someone you have known in another life. And some have never physically incarnated.

Their job is to assist us. They do this through offering guidance and “nudges.” Have you ever had a “feeling” about something and followed it to a perfect outcome? That is generally the Guides helping you.

They show up for you through your intuition, a gut feeling, a “sign,” a chance meeting, or a coincidence. Think back to when you decided to do something different in your daily life and there was the person you’d been thinking about for days? Have you ever had your timing off getting out of the house and once you finally leave, you find you’ve missed a huge traffic jam? These circumstances are often arranged by the Guides.

Wisdom From the Guides

I offer sessions in which you can be in contact with your Guides. I am able to hear and see them and serve as a translator for you. They can advise you on current life circumstances, problems you are working with, and answer questions. They tend to be funny, playful, and irreverent. They often offer encouragement, protection, love, acknowledgement, and occasionally a kick in the pants!!

Purchase your sessions below: 

$50 for half an hourBook Now

$95 for fifty-five minutesBook Now

$220 for 3, 45-minute sessions for deeper spiritual work. These must be used within 4 months.Book Now

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your amazing gift and your life and your ability to channel our guides. This has been profound for me…. you gave me one of the biggest gifts of knowledge and information that I have received in my life. I am still in a trance like state and I just want to give you an immense amount of gratitude.

L.K. Designer

San Miguel de Allende, MX


Past Lives

Past lives come up in my readings and healings. Sometimes there is an imprint left in your energetic field that needs to be dissolved or you can be stuck in your development or relationship due to a past life influence. I work with these as is appropriate. I do not do traditional regressions.

Being in Contact with People Who Have Died

I am often asked to contact a beloved who has recently passed over. This is usually possible and brings great solace to the grieving relatives. Death is not an ending, only a change in one’s state.

Kristina helped me immensely get through my mother’s death. Her mediumship and ability to relay my mother’s messages to me allowed me to accept this most difficult experience gently, and trust that I too could connect with my mother directly after the death of her body. It opened me into a deeper trust in the spiritual realm, and to heal some of the trauma that had gotten triggered around the experience.


Counselor, Austin, TX

Energy Work

The body is energy and then physicality. Disturbance in the energetic field shows up before illness occurs. Many times I can work in the field to make changes for a person emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

I often give practical tools, practices, and exercises to work with your field. This allows you to make the changes you long for. There are simple techniques, that when used regularly, can change your life. These will assist you to stay fully energized with a high energetic vibrancy.

Doing the work that you did with my energy field and asking for the healing of my nervous system has started to change my experience of life….I feel much stronger even less than a week later. I have been doing the work on my energy field as was suggested.


Graphic Designer, Australia


My intent is to help you move forward on your path, and grow your self-love.

All work is done via US phone or Skype.

Please inquire on special pricing in San Miguel de Allende, MX, where I live and work in person.

What if the task is simply to unfold, to become who you already are in your essential nature—gentle, compassionate, and capable of living fully and passionately present?
~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer