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SAM_3227I am passionate about connecting with Spirit. I believe every woman has the capability of tuning into the divine within herself and living from that place to create a wildly thriving life where she is empowered to create her soul’s journey feeling safe and powerful in the world.

As a healer, teacher, and channel, I have helped women re-birth themselves from being overly sensitive and unable to function in the world, to living from a place of balance and inner peace.

Coming from a thirty-three year career as an acupuncturist, I have always been different. I never fit in and even as an acupuncturist, I could see past lives, hear voices, and “know” things. I finally began to acknowledge this as a “gift” and train myself to use these skills in my work.

I now use a unique blend of spiritual healing, practical tools, and loving compassionate wisdom in my sessions and classes to help people come back to their own well being.

A few things about my work, and me that might surprise and delight you:

I work with your Spirit Guides and they are often quite funny. They find us in the human condition to be somewhat hilarious!!

I get things done…my Dad used to say if I planned to move a building he’d get out of my way!



I am a dancing diva, keeping my energy high and vibrant by dancing with friends in a restaurant, at a special free form class, and in a spiritual setting with mantras from many mystical traditions.

I love to watch birds, observing their colors and movements as a blessing from the Universe.

I often have my hands in the dirt…cultivating blooming fuchsia, bougainvilleas, and big, beautiful kale.

I look forward to serving you. Please contact me at to set up a private session or find out more about my classes.