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Welcome Intuitive Changemaker

Are you a sensitive woman experiencing confusion on how to live in the world

Do you have an instinctive knowing and connection to something greater than yourself, yet feel unsure of the accuracy of your intuition?  Perhaps you are wondering how you will contribute your gifts from a place of clarity and well-being?

As a highly sensitive, intuitive woman, you might be overwhelmed by the high stimulation of the world around you and other people’s needs. You might find yourself not knowing how YOU feel or what YOU think.

I can assist you….

As a telepath I have been there. I have experienced what it is like to live in the world and not know who’s feelings I was experiencing. I have known things about people I shouldn’t. I have felt vulnerable, insecure, overwhelmed, and alone. I know what it is like to be SWAMPED by the world.

I now dedicate my work as a spiritual coach, teacher, and healer to bring you the tools and techniques, empowering you to confidently navigate your life with peace, power, and safety.

If you sometimes feel different, vulnerable, or unsafe in the world, you are in the right place.

You can feel at ease in your own energy, safe with other people, and feel vibrant and alive, while sharing your valuable intuitive gifts. The world NEEDS your brilliancy! You and all you are, will help bring healing to the planet.

I can empower you to:

    • Maneuver your life with skill, ease, and grace.
    • Know, respect, and be in tune with your own energy.
    • Work with your energy field to ensure you feel grounded and clear.
    • Develop your intuition so you can trust yourself and your insight.

My commitment is to assist you to:

    • Know yourself.
    • Know your energy.
    • Develop and live your intuitive gifts.
    • Feel safe in the world.


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